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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  June 24, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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dan, if the law is upheld, obviously, the status quo p prevails and we'll fight it out in the election. the interesting thing, politically and legally and everything, if some of the law is overturned, let's assume that part of the law, the mandate, and maybe some of the other regulations that go with it are overturned. how is the white house likely to respond to that. >> if that happens, the first things they need to do is attack the supreme court as they did the-- >> really, make that the central issue of the campaign? >> a political response for starters and then say it threatenings to turn health care back to the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies, that's always part of the democratic riff. thirdly, the president will say he intends to work if elected to preserve the best parts and need to work with congress, need a congress that works with him and mention the middle class as being the victims this have decision because he's running on being
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the protector of the middle class. >> paul: and you have good sources in the white house, dan, that sounds like exactly what they would say. >> no, i mean, the bill in subs stand, whenever they throw out, we never really meant that. these are the most unpopular part of the bill and they'll keep it and-- >> you be unpopular part of the billings the mandate. >> they'll say, look, let's get this flowing. >> paul: you say that's the heart and soul of the bill. the core and substance of the bill from that point of view. >> the government control and get the middle class on to being, on board with entitlements. >> kim, what do you think about this supreme court tactic, making the supreme court an issue? because i will tell you my view is that's a loser. if you go out and attack the supreme court for this, you're going to look partisan and i don't think that's a winner, i would say, here is what i would do if i were the white house, we're disappointed, we
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naught it was constitutional, we made a good argument, okay, the supreme court has spoken, but now we've got the rest of the bill as joe and dan said, we think it's a good will and by the way, mitt romney shall what's your man? that's the way i-- >> i agree, i think it's a loser, but i don't know if this president can help himself. he's actually come out before and rapid the supreme court and a warning a couple of months ago suggesting he would go after them. what they may do, paul, on the supreme court rather than attack directly or in addition to attacking directly may talk about stakes for the the supreme court, may make the argument obama needs a second term so if there's a retirement they can appoint a new person and therefore make sure you don't have decisions like this again, but in a way, going to your other point, what they're going to do, remember, the president came out and talked about how this is two visions going forward and they're going to work into this and make the argument, whatever it is that the supreme court strikes down, all or part of it, they're going to claim this is part of the romney plan, and the
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romney vision going forward, take you back to a day when people aren't covered by health care and that's the choice and he's going to stay in office to make sure that doesn't happen. >> kim, do you think this could turn out to be a net plus for the president, politically, it's part of his signature achieve. is overturned. that will depend as always on the republicans. >> you know? the republicans had a lot of intellectual confusion over the year on health care, one of the reasons the country has the health care bill is because the republicans didn't know how to address health care rehe form and didn't even when they were in the majority and they're now facing equity how to respond and there's constitution in particular, as we were talking more popular provisions of the bill. do they embrace those, which goes against those principles or do they put out a full replacement and embraces free market prince, or dangerous in an election year and do something. >> joe, you've been reporting this no doubt to your dismay, entering the short straw and
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where the republicans on this. >> there's a serious and internal debate how to go forward and the danger for the the party is really, they become the dog that caught the car, and debate never gets resolved and you see a mish-mash of responses that don't co-here in any way and the larger problem, they haven't talked about the replace reports. they say repeal and replace, repeal and replace, but replace is just a word and they haven't come up with something that will appeal to the public and haven't tried to educate the public enough, what form alternatives would look like. >> i think he's right. it's going to revert to the pre-obamacare status quo, the health care system is a mess and nobody knows what to do about it and they're not going to attend to it next year at all. >> think about what you're saying here, you're saying that the republicans could get a gift of a historic constitutional victory, from the supreme court and you don't know what to do with it? >> right, there was an ap poll
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this week, that the supreme court overturns all or part of the law and 70% of the public wants a better health care system, wants congress to go back to the drawing board and look for some constructive alternative. >> who is the single best republican on health care in the congress? >> i would say it's, like most issues, paul ryan. >> and they're not listening to him as much as they should, okay. all right. well, thank you all. we'll see. when we come back, liberals lament the status of the obama lament the status of the obama reelection campaign, as angst having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation lament the status of the obama reelection campaign, as angst puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's [ male announcer ] introducing new dentyne split to fit pack. it splits in to two smaller, sleeker packs that fit almost anywhere so you can take them everywhere.
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>> is it time for a shake-up in chicago? many on the left seem to think so. this week's bloomberg's al hunt, how they're feeling about the president's election efforts. entitled the obama campaign needs intervention and writes,
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quote, for democrats june has been the cruellest month. there has been discouraging economic news, the reelection candidate has made mistakes and seems he's out of his comfort zone. the supposedly superior obama campaign looks amateurish and complaints about the operation's insularity have reached a fever pitch. we're back with dan henninger and kim strassel and bill also joins the panel. so, kim, what do you make of this liberal angst about the obama campaign, is it warranted? >> well, it comes out of watching the obama campaign the past couple of months which have been all over the place. first they said the economy was getting better then it wasn't as bad as it might have been and went after romney and bain capital and handling of massachusetts and the the war on women and student loans and throwing everything they have to try to get something to stick without much traction. last week, the president came out with an attempt at a reboot.
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when he laid out the two visions forward, or the terrible one that belongs to romney. and this interestingly has begun to calm some nerves out there among the democratic base and among the political community. because in part, they realize that this may be the best opportunity he has. if he can't talk about his record and the economy, but he can try to make this a referendum on mitt romney. >> bill, is this pivot, likely to work? what's the-- >> it's likely to work, it's probably wise. look, you mentioned liberal angst and liberals have always been anxious when they have to explain the failure of liberal policies. for two years, the president m a democratic majority and put in a stimulus that didn't stimulate and a health care bill that wasn't declared unconstitutional and higher than he would, my experience, when people say there's a campaign problem or a pr problem, it's always a substance problem. i think i told you when i was in the the white house we once had an acrimonious meeting about war speeches waiting for
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the surge and everyone was complaining about the speeches we should say this and ratings would go up. my line was, you give me a better war, i'll give you better speeches. >> paul: it's hard to make a losing war sound good. >> yeah. >> paul: and hard to make a poor economy sound like it's somebody's fault other than your own. >> everyone can't concentrate on the message, how you can get the message, but,s this the only place he can go. the reboot, just what does it mean? it means a new spin on facts that he can't really talk about. >> yeah, dan, i think that, i kind of agree with bill on this, if i were the romney and disagree with the liberal critics of obama's campaign, what else do they-- can they do? >> what do they want? >> they've got to change the subject, you can't say 8.2% unemployment. that's fabulous, housing prices down again, that's fabulous, too. you've got to say, romney would make it worse, it's all bush's fault or let's talk about contraception of immigration or something else. and they're playing as well as they can, a rotten hand.
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>> the hand they've been holding for about 40 years. look, they want obama to somehow come up with a new magic idea on the economy. the democratic-- the democratic idea since at least lyndon baines johnson can be summed up in three words, tax and spend, okay? that's what they do and barack obama in that cleveland speech said, he calls it investment. he's going to invest in education, infrastructure, energy, research and development. >> paul: but you wrote this week that you think that could be a winning message because of the way he pitches it and the focus on the middle class. >> yes. i think there is tremendous anxiety out there in the country among the electorate and the middle class. people are upset and they don't know why the economy is performing as badly as it is and they want it to get better. and it will be up to either of those two candidates to tell those anxious people why his ideas are going to make it better. and i think if the president keeps drilling and drilling on himself as the protector of
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the middle class, without a reputation by romney, it could work. >> all right, kim, how do you think romney should respond and is he likely to, the way that dan says he needs to? >> well, this is the romney challenge, because fundamental to the president's reboot in this argument, is this narrative, this sort of rewriting of history, this argument that the financial crash was fundamentally the fault of conservative policies and philosophies, and that everything that is wrong in the country is because of that, and stems from that, and romney's challenge is going to have to be to explain why that's wrong. to talk about what really caused the financial crash, to talk about why we haven't recovered since then. he hasn't done that much. he's been very good ostensibly saying what the president hasn't done right, but he hasn't talked a lot about the bigger ideas and gone back to try to correct that history. that's what he's going to have to do. otherwise there's a choice that people made, dan, what seems safer if they think that
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the alternative is worse. >> romney speaks in probabling cal terms, obama isn't working, obama speaks in moral terms, this is right, this is wrong. that's a more powerful argument? >> i would say, play devil's advocate a little bit. i'm not sure that romney has to get into details. president obama came in on hope and change, almost no details. people were tired of bush, tired of war, tired of financial crisis. a lot of people might be tired of barack obama. what romney has to do, i think, is talk to aspirations. people are struggling and a lot of people out of work, a lot of people are in work, but afraid they are going to lose their jobs. and he has to have aspirations. >> paul: he doesn't have to show how we get out of it. >> yeah, he does, but tether it to an economy that lets people achieve their dreams. >> paul: thanks, bill. forget wisconsin there's a labor battle brewing in the president's home state.
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and in chicago, mayor rahm ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred.
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>> move over scott walker and chris christie, they're taking a showdown on president obama's home turf. rahm emanuel against teacher over pay and longer school days and last weekend, u.s. conference of mayors led by ragossa of los angeles unanimously endorsed so-called trigger laws, to let parents seize control of so-called failing public schools. we're back with dan, and bill,
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al colin levy from chicago. so, bill, i never expected to see this, the national council of mayors siding with parents over teachers and solar eclipse? what accounts for it. >> remember the change, a few weeks ago, they started to kill the vouchers program and looked like nationally choice and accountability was dying and on the losing end and what's happened, instead. around the country, it's flourishing and people are having to embrace it. that said, the parent trigger, it's a good thing the mayors did it. we need a little more teeth in that. we need to pre vent them from blocking funds. a lot of this is-- >> which they are doing in the two place ins california. >> right. >> compton and where parents have pulled the trigger. >> i think what's happening, here, paul, the inner city school status quo is indefensible and obscene. >> northerly so. >> absolutely. because of the process of
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charter schools, more and more black parents have been engaged in at that system and they're discovering that the status quo was indefensible and i think they're becoming a political force that the democrats are beginning to have to recognize. and in this case, like chicago, better late than never. >> paul: all right. speaking of chicago, colin, what accounts for this miracle and what's the state of play there, rahm emanuel, versus the unions. >> yes, rahm emanuel is leading a very important charge her and i think you have to acknowledge that liberals are incdibly desperate, and not be seen as an after shock short of the wisconsin walt here? chicago, here we go again. i think there are strong parallels for rahm emanuel and strong incentives. ram is looking at a situation where he basically can't govern unless he takes care of some the issues and the school teachers, what they've proposed, the teachers union has proposed, will cost about
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800 million dollars and there's no way to pay for it. >> so this is a certain-- are they proposing a 30% increase? did i read that properly? >> yes, they're proposing 30% increase over two years, and they're objecting to the mayor's request that they lengthens school day, currently the shortest in the nation, five and a half hour. they're saying they need more pay just to do the work that most already do. >> paul: they're threatening to strike as soon as this summer if they don't get what they want. >> they've kind of jumped the gun on the strike in a way and already authorized the strike and it's really a sign of how much fear there is here. i think they want to send a very strong message, hey, we can't have democrats falling out of line here, we've fought the republicans and i think that unions know if they lose that battle with democrats, then they're really sunk. >> yeah, bill, i think you deserve as big an increase, but i'm not sure that thinking people will say that they do
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that their teachers. nobody else in chicago-- >> and the state of wisconsin, what wisconsin has shown is that the teachers unions, unions in general, public sector unions are not as strong as people think. the bark is a lot worse than the bite. it's coming in in idaho, the change of fact reforms and we are going to find out. i think that rahm sees from wisconsin, he might be able to take this and win. he's finding he can't afford the teachers, let's be clear, it's mostly a financial reform, this isn't a reform of one of the worst in the nation. >> although i've talked to emanuel about this, deadly serious on the substance of it. he's endorsed during the campaign and hasn't been able to implement it and thinks that the schools if they continue to fail 30% of the kids in chicago may be a higher percentage, then we're sunk as a nation. >> it's not over until it's over, paul. these teachers are like old industrial union, like the
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miners union, they are tough and this thing is not going to be won easily whether it's in chicago or los angeles, cleveland, because they have fought successful to overturn vouchers programs in some of those cities. >> and a side that have is in new york. and governor cuomo to be able to hide the valuations of students from everybody except the parents who is your child's teacher that year, and put someone, you have to go into the school or something, it's ridiculous. >> and you can't even use-- let's say your kid is in second grade. you can see the valuation of the second grade teacher, but not the third grade that you're going to get next year. how can you make a decision? >> let's hope they set up websites and start sharing some information out there. >> okay, we have to take one more break, when we come back, hits and misses of the week. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
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>> time now for hits and misses of the week. colin, first to you. >> paul, this is a hit to a group of plaintiffs, including the state national bank of big springs texas this challenging the dodd-frank law which created vast new regulations over the financial system. and a group of plaintiffs basically say that, that obama's stealth appointment of consumer financial protection bureau chief richard corkordray violates separation of powers. and this is a law that's created incredible burdens for business and regulatory uncertainty and we're glad to see it get its day in court. >> paul: joe. >> the free zone known as california, governor jerry brown succeeded in getting a 9 billion dollar one year tax increase on the november ballot. here is the thing, that's the compromise. the other-- (laughter) >> the other option for voters is a 20 billion dollar tax increase that will start
3:28 pm
on people earning as little as $7,000 a year. only in california is jerry brown a moderate. >> at least that's truth in advertising, eventually they go after the middle class. >> a cafeteria association of michigan, recently, their members received a letter from their president saying they need to pay their dueces if they expect to have a job and can do it three ways, providing a credit card, bank account or paying in full. the reaction in a state law prohibits from collecting, i call a hit, union collect from taxpayers, it's a half hit to the judge who suspended the law for the moment. >> paul: bill, thank you. that's it for this week's edition of the journal editorial report. thanks to my panel and for of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you right here next week. >> jon: on fox news watch, congress prepares to push
3:29 pm
forward with contempt charges against eric holder for holding on to key documents related to the bungled fast and furious gun running operation. mr. obama goes on the defense claiming executive privilege and the white house tries to spin this. >> the politically motivated tax funded fishing expedition. >> it looks more like our broken politics and vicious fights now out in the open. >> jon: nbc news at it again. >> i went to a place today called wa wa's. >> jon: andrea mitchell and others tried to pull a fast one and editing to mike mitt romney look out of touch. >> taking shots at ann romney and her therapy for ms. one more nbc blunder, the interview bob costas had left one thing out, the evidence. what's going on


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